Progress Report: January 2019

Welcome to the January 2019 progress report! This month saw significant improvements to the core components of RPCS3 such as the introduction of multithreaded cache compilation for the SPU LLVM recompiler, reimplementation of the graphics framebuffer management, overhaul of the audio backend and much more. We also saw RPCS3’s version bump to 0.0.6 to better showcase the state of the emulator.

In addition to the following report, further details of Nekotekina and kd-11’s work during January and upcoming contributions can be found in their weekly reports on Patreon. This month’s Patreon reports are:

Status update from Nekotekina (2019-01-01)
Status update from kd-11 (2019-01-02)
Status update from kd-11 (2019-01-27)

Table of Contents

Major Improvements
Other Improvements

Over at our forums, a few user and moderators have come together to acquire and test titles that have not been tested recently. Our developers have also been hard at work debugging niche issues that seem to prevent a few titles from progressing ingame. The results of their targeted efforts gives us veracious compatibility statistics from which we can see a big decrease in Intro and Loadable categories and a corresponding increase to Playable and Ingame categories.

Game Compatibility: Game Status
Game Compatibility: Monthly Improvements (January 2019)

On Git statistics, there have been 8179 lines of code added and 5073 removed through 36 pull requests by 9 authors.
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