Progress Report: January 2018

Welcome back to the first progress report of the year. Quite a large number of fixes and improvements have been made already, and as you can see below from the big compatibility bump we are starting the year off strong. kd-11 has made some major improvements that increase stability and functionality including increasing performance with Ryzen and implementing a Native UI to RPCS3. While Nekotekina has continued to review people’s changes, making sure everything was in a good enough state to be merged, he continued to work on the core of RPCS3. Megamouse has also made many improvements to the way RPCS3 handles input allowing a bunch of games to progress further and he also fixed other issues with the UI.

Table of Contents

Major Improvements

On the compatibility database statistics, over a hundred games moved out of the Nothing, Loadable, and Intro sections and in to Ingame or Playable. In addition, the Nothing section has now fallen below 2% of tested games, and hopefully Loadable will follow next. This means RPCS3 is on the right track to ensure accuracy and compatibility with the largest number of titles possible.

Game Compatibility: Game Status
Game Compatibility: Monthly Improvements (January 2018)

On GitHub statistics, 7,454 lines of code were added and 2,160 were removed by a total of 14 authors.
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