Progress Report: April 2019

Welcome to April’s Progress Report! Firstly we would like to apologise for the delay in publishing this report. RPCS3’s progress reports are solely written by volunteers and a few of our regular writers could not contribute to this report due to personal commitments. If you hate seeing RPCS3’s reports get delayed and would like to contribute to them, please apply here.

This has been a very busy month, which saw many contributions from our regular developers and even a few newcomers. Major improvements have been made to RSX emulation by kd-11, fixing the texture cache and improving on the shader decompiler. Meanwhile, eladash in his usual style, fixed a multitude of bugs relating to savedata handling and the PPU/SPU interpreters/recompilers. Numan (Inviuz) implemented a fringe syscall needed for Metal Gear Solid 4 to boot and Nekotekina squeezed quite a bit more performance out of the SPU LLVM path. To also improve the visual aspect of the emulator drysalter created two beautiful new themes and lastly GalCiv expanded DualShock 3 Support to Linux. These and many more improvements have all contributed to making RPCS3 both a better piece of software and a better emulator, moving a bunch of new games into the Playable category.

In addition to the following report, further details of Nekotekina and kd-11’s work during April and upcoming contributions can be found in their weekly reports on Patreon. This month’s Patreon reports are:

Status update from kd-11 (2019-04-07)
Status update from kd-11 (2019-04-23)

Table of Contents

Major Improvements
Other Improvements

This month RPCS3 reached another milestone in game compatibility. It’s the first time that the Playable category surpasses 40%! As a result, the Ingame and Intro categories see an equivalent, while the Loadable category goes down to 29 games. We are also gearing up to undertake further maintenance to the compatibility list by identifying and merging duplicate entries in the coming months! For a more detailed look, you can view the compatibility history page to see exactly which games had their status changed this month.

Game Compatibility: Game Status
Game Compatibility: Monthly Improvements (April 2019)

On Git statistics, there have been 9921 lines of code added and 2967 removed through 113 commits by 16 authors.
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