Progress Report: August 2017

August was a month of bug fixes and rewriting old code. In this report some general emulation improvements will be explained, followed by a closer look at some popular and representative games. Lastly, individual contributions will be covered and plans for the future will be detailed.

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First and foremost are the compatibility numbers for August. Finally there are more games that are playable than completely not working! In fact, less than a quarter of all tested games do not at least show something on the screen. Just a year ago there wasn’t even a compatibility database or listing of games that did nothing as almost every games was expected to do nothing or at best be loadable! A lot of the improved games are actually the result of LLE GCM from July as testing and updating the forums and the compatibility database took quite some time. That said, a lot of games improved from new changes this month, which will be covered below.

Game Compatibility: Game Status
Game Compatibility: Monthly Improvements (June 2017)

Looking at the GitHub statistics, 20 authors have pushed 179 commits to the master branch. Here 190 files have changed and there have been 8,587 additions and 3,876 deletions of lines of code. Below some of the major improvements from these code changes are summarized.

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