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Structured roadmap for RPCS3 development

This is a non-exhaustive list of current goals made possible with the support of our generous patrons.

September 2017

  • Add "Clear LLVM cache" function.
  • Implement sys_net syscalls. (Nekotekina)
  • Rebuild LLVM cache for the firmware after its installation. (Nekotekina)
  • Fix parent of root in VFS. (Nekotekina)
  • Remove obstacles for ASLR support. (Nekotekina)
  • Improve PPU LLVM recompiler compatibility and speed. (Nekotekina)
  • Begin SPU LLVM. (Nekotekina)
  • Improvements to the shader generation and cache system (kd-11)
  • Upgrade pixel pipeline emulation (fragment shaders, textures and framebuffers) (kd-11)
  • Lay the groundwork for arbitrary render setups and high resolution modes (kd-11)

Medium term goals

  • Enable higher rendering resolution to play games at any resolution, for example 4K.
  • Properly support MSAA.
  • Improve audio and video decoders for better speed and compatibility.
  • Improve controller support. This includes emulated controllers (with mouse or keyboard) and real controllers as well.
  • Add low-latency ASIO audio backend for Windows. With ASIO4ALL, it will work great on most modern hardware.
  • Implement LLVM recompiler backend for SPU. This is actually a tremendous amount of work to make it useful, but it will also give the very important speed improvement (unless the SPU is not used at all).
  • Improve LLVM flexibility. For example, it could scan game folder for all executables and SPRX modules and recompile them ahead of time.
  • Implement PPU executable chain-loading.
  • Improve solution structure, move and rename some files.
  • Implement missing syscalls. Allow to LLE more system modules.
  • Write automatic tests to minimize bugs.
  • Implement savedata manager. Currently it doesn't have user interface.
  • Implement (the rest of) precise PPU Interpreter.
  • Enable hardware acceleration for decryption (AES-NI). (#2457)
  • Implement config tristate in GUI for per-game configurations.

Long term goals

  • Enable extra graphics options to support extra rendering features, such as custom anti-aliasing modes.
  • Native overlay API to allow custom UI to render within the GSFrame e.g SaveManager dialog
  • Build PPU/SPU interpreters at runtime using LLVM.
  • Support booting from original game discs.
  • Implement user manager.
  • Support mic, camera, USB peripherals, etc.
  • Implement network functionality.
  • Implement every system module in the emulator. This will allow the emulator to work without the PS3 firmware.

Never-ending goals

  • Improve game compatibility by fixing bugs and missing functionality.
  • Continue to improve emulation speed and accuracy.
  • Improve performance and compatibility of all renderers.

For developers

  • Parse .eh_frame section in PPU analyser and use this information in LLVM recompiler.
  • Implement MFC_DMA_TAG_CMD_STALL_NOTIFY_EVENT and other SPU events.
  • Return error_code from syscalls and functions to enable error reporting.
  • Improve embedded debugging tools (CPU, RSX, Kernel Explorer).
  • Implement BPIP for synchronization primitives.
  • Cleanup the VS project files: reduce to two build types (Release and Debug), but both must use Release LLVM build. Debug build should include memory leak detection features.