No Piracy.

We do not condone piracy of any kind. Asking for, providing or discussing illegal download links is not allowed in our communities.

Purchasing legitimate game copies, through the PlayStation Store or through acquiring game discs, and using those copies with RPCS3 is the best way to ensure you will have a clean copy that will work with the emulator. You can use your legal copies with RPCS3 by following the instructions in our Quickstart guide.

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Latest Builds

RPCS3 is under steady development and the binaries we produce are highly experimental. System requirements may vary depending on your hardware configuration. For the best experience, users should be running within the recommended system requirements. We cannot guarantee the performance of system specifications below the minimum requirements, but you're always welcome to experiment. Do not expect stable performance or consistent compatibility as changes are always being made to the codebase.

If you come across any regressions upon a new release, please be sure to report your findings on our forum. See Quickstart for more information.

Current Build
v0.0.20-13200 Alpha [2022-01-19]
Current Merge
Current Size
Windows: 20.3 MB, Linux: 62.3 MB

Previous Builds

With every new compiled binary saves a record and stores it in our build catalog. The build catalog allows you browse and download every compiled build recorded by our system as well as view useful metadata for each build such as file size, SHA, author and the commit it was compiled from.

Download Previous Builds
For details, see commits via GitHub.

For Linux Users

For Linux users, RPCS3 is packaged using the AppImage format. To run, execute chmod a+x ./rpcs3-*_linux64.AppImage && ./rpcs3-*_linux64.AppImage

Download AppImage using CLI wget --content-disposition or curl -JLO
Compile on arch using AUR git clone && cd rpcs3-git && makepkg -sri

For BSD Users

For BSD users, RPCS3 supports active FreeBSD 13 and FreeBSD 12 versions.

Install as a package pkg install rpcs3
Compile using ports cd /usr/ports/emulators/rpcs3/ && make install clean

Website Source Code

Downloading the website source allows you to clone, fork or contribute any enhancements via GitHub. is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0. Its core developed and maintained by DAGINATSUKO, while the compatibility database is developed and maintained by Ani.

Press Kit and Documentation

Our press kit is an amalgamation of all of the assets previewed on the branding page and more in a single package. It enables those who wish to promote the project and its development through high-quality digital media. We provide high-resolution assets such as our logo in 3 iterations, our supported operating systems, supported CPU and GPU hardware, rendering backends and much more.

All information found in the documentation section was obtained by collecting and reviewing data from various sources around the web.