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Because RPCS3 is still in a very early stage, we only provide nightly builds. Those are compiled using AppVeyor CI while Linux builds are compiled using Travis CI. These CI services allow us to deploy pre-compiled builds as soon as possible to the public. Due to the way these continuous integration services work, only Windows builds can be downloaded from AppVeyor while Linux builds are hosted on our web server.

For Linux users, RPCS3 is packaged using the AppImage format. To run, execute chmod a+x ./rpcs3-*_linux64.AppImage && ./rpcs3-*_linux64.AppImage

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Download for Windows v0.0.5-6675 (bd1d4de4) Alpha [2018-04-21]
Pull Request
#4422 by Nekotekina
File Size
15 MB
Download for Linux rpcs3-v0.0.5-6675-bd1d4de4_linux64.AppImage

Build History

Previous Builds

When a newer build a released it is replaced and the previous build is archived in our build history database. This database records all previous builds which can be individually downloaded or compiled locally with their respective pull request ID links. We also archive useful metrics for previous builds such as the pull request ID, pull request author, lines of code added and deleted and sha256 signatures.

Previous Builds

Website Source

Website Source

This website was developed by DAGINATSUKO. The compatibility list portion of this website is developed independently by AniLeo. This website displays various trademarks and copy-written content such as videogame logos, company logos, videogame names and company names. These different trademarks and copy-written content do not belong to us and are properties of their respective owners.

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Press Kit

Press Kit and Documentation

This Press Kit is regularly updated and is designed for advertisers and enthusiasts to have full access to high quality assets, icons, fonts and tools. All trademarks and copyright-written material found in this press kit belong to their respective owners.

All information found in this archive was obtained by collecting and reviewing data from various sources on the internet. These sources include but are not limited to Sony Computer Entertainment, IBM Corporation and NVIDIA corporation. This documentation covers hardware and some software aspects of the PlayStation 3.

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