Lead Graphics Developer kd-11 Is Joining Nekotekina’s Patreon

Veteran RPCS3 graphics developer kd-11 is joining Nekotekina’s Patreon. kd-11 has worked on RPCS3 since January 2016 and has since then fixed countless bugs in all graphics renderers and implemented a lot of missing functionality. Without his dedicated work, RPCS3 would certainly not be where it is today.

As you know lead core developer Nekotekina, who has worked on RPCS3 since 2013, launched his highly successful Patreon in January this year. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of support, he has been able to work on RPCS3 full time for 5 months now and the progress he has done is staggering. The RPCS3 team has discussed the best course of action for the road forward and have decided that the time is now right for kd-11 to join Nekotekina’s Patreon in order for him to obtain hardware necessary for development and testing.

The Purpose

As kd-11 works on the graphics side of things, especially the renderers using OpenGL, Vulkan, and D3D12 (Direct3D 12), modern hardware is required for development and testing. Ideally, he needs a modern AMD, Nvidia, and Intel GPU to easier identify bugs specific to one platform. Furthermore, kd-11 works as a consultant and therefore has the possibility to accept or turn down certain jobs. If support on Patreon reaches a certain level, he may be able to spend more time on the project.

As of now the goal is obtaining necessary hardware for development and testing:

  • – A modern AMD GPU that supports DirectX12 and Vulkan.
  • – A modern Nvidia GPU that supports DirectX12 and Vulkan.
  • – A modern Intel CPU where the iGPU supports DirectX12 and Vulkan


With the support of generous patrons kd-11 will be able to work on the following tasks:

Short term

  • – Investigate game specific bugs like the overly bright bloom in [redacted] or the overly dark lighting in Demon’s Souls.
  • – Improve performance and compatibility of all renderers.
  • – Enable Vulkan on Linux, which will bring a tremendous performance improvement for some games.
  • – Implement missing functionality that will fix various bugs in different games. For example, the broken shadows in many games including Demon’s Souls depend on this task.

Mid term

  • – Properly support some PlayStation 3 features like MSAA that are lacking at the moment.
  • – Implement RSX reports which are missing at the moment.

Long term

  • – Enable higher rendering resolution to play games at any resolution, for example 4K instead of 720p in Demon’s Souls or [redacted].
  • – Enable extra graphics options to support extra rendering features, such as custom anti-aliasing modes.

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