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Game IDGame TitleBuild UsedStatusLast Updated
  NPUB30446 Digital  Wanted Corp 60bd2fb Ingame 2017-01-30
  NPUA80137 Digital  Wheel of Fortune acd9d6ff Ingame 2017-02-15
  NPUB30021 Digital  Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 Unknown Ingame 2016-01-12
  NPUB30494 Digital  Wonder Boy in Monster Land 60bd2fb Ingame 2017-01-30
  NPUB30327 Digital  Wonder Boy in Monster World Unknown Ingame 2016-01-11
  NPEB00505 Digital  Worms Ultimate Mayhem 7ac9d3b Ingame 2016-07-18
  NPEB90253 Digital  WRC4 FIA World Rally Championship Demo cc1efd2a Ingame 2016-01-11
  NPEB00542 Digital  Wrecked: Revenge Revisited cc1efd2a Ingame 2016-01-11
  NPUB30473 Digital  Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-29
  NPUB30431 Digital  Warlords 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-30
  BLJS93007 Blu-Ray  Watashi no Kare wa Pilot 2012 Unknown Intro 2015-01-23
  BLES01854 Blu-Ray  Watch Dogs Unknown Intro 2014-07-06
  NPEB01433 Digital  Watch Dogs Unknown Intro 2015-01-11
  BLUS30398 Blu-Ray  Way of the Samurai 3 9916f0e5 Intro 2017-02-03
  BLES01682 Blu-Ray  Way of the Samurai 4 5670488 Intro 2015-12-17
  BLES01215 Blu-Ray  We Dare 5d705c0e Intro 2017-02-15
  NPUA80754 Digital  When Vikings Attack 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-30
  BLJM60571 Blu-Ray  White Album 2: Shiawase no Mukougawa Unknown Intro 2014-06-22
  BLJM60229 Blu-Ray  White Album Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide 9916f0e5 Intro 2017-02-03
  BCES01085 Blu-Ray  White Knight Chronicles II 9916f0e5 Intro 2017-02-03
  BLJM61262 Blu-Ray  Winning Post 8 47fdaf69 Intro 2017-02-21
  BCES00664 Blu-Ray  WipEout HD Fury Unknown Intro 2015-11-01
  NPUB30074 Digital  Wolfenstein 3D 22c0f0d6 Intro 2017-02-19
  NPUB90248 Digital  Wolfenstein DEMO b0d50af Intro 2016-02-27
  NPUB30660 Digital  World Gone Sour cc1efd2a Intro 2016-01-11
  NPEB00081 Digital  Worms 9e84804 Intro 2016-12-23
  NPEB00292 Digital  Worms 2: Armageddon 9e84804 Intro 2016-12-23
  NPUB30230 Digital  Worms 2: Armageddon 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-30
  NPEB00595 Digital  Worms Crazy Golf 9e84804 Intro 2016-12-23
  NPUB30385 Digital  Worms Crazy Golf 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-30
  NPEB01044 Digital  Worms Revolution 47fdaf6 Intro 2017-02-20
  NPUB30817 Digital  Worms Revolution 22c0f0d6 Intro 2017-02-20
  NPEB01324 Digital  WRC Powerslide cc1efd2a Intro 2016-01-11
  BLES01148 Blu-Ray  WSC Real 11: World Snooker Championship 9eba0ac5 Intro 2017-02-02
  BLJM60028 Blu-Ray  Wangan Midnight 6c372d1 Loadable 2017-02-08
  NPUB31254 Digital  Watch Dogs Unknown Loadable 2014-06-02
  NPEB00071 Digital  Watchmen Unknown Loadable 2015-07-18
  NPEA00372 Digital  When Vikings Attack! ga9180ce Loadable 2016-02-21
  NPUB30452 Digital  Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls 0e5c5470 Loadable 2016-02-28
  NPJB00099 Digital  Wizardry: Towareshi Bourei no Machi b407d12e Loadable 2017-02-12
  NPEB01137 Digital  Worms Unknown Loadable 2014-03-15
  NPUB90129 Digital  Wall-E 22c0f0d6 Nothing 2017-02-18
  BLUS30275 Blu-Ray  Wanted: Weapons of Fate 47fdaf6 Nothing 2017-02-20
  BLES01347 Blu-Ray  Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 47fdaf6 Nothing 2017-02-20
  BLES00480 Blu-Ray  Wheelman 73906f9 Nothing 2017-02-11
  BLES01224 Blu-Ray  Winter Stars 16d15777 Nothing 2017-02-01
  BLES01909 Blu-Ray  Wolfenstein: The New Order - EU 1669d0f Nothing 2017-02-08
  BLES02165 Blu-Ray  WRC 5 b7a7a5c Nothing 2017-02-01

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