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Game IDGame TitleBuild UsedStatusLast Updated
  BLJM61031 Blu-Ray  Kazoku Keikaku Re Tsumugu Ito 6c372d17 Playable 2017-02-08
  BLJM61267 Blu-Ray  Kagero: Mou Hitori no Princess 5db0f477 Ingame 2017-01-26
  NPEB90185 Digital  Katamari Forever Demo d86d6556 Ingame 2017-02-18
  NPEB02118 Digital  King Oddball Unknown Ingame 2017-01-28
  NPUB30820 Digital  Knytt Underground 60bd2fb Ingame 2017-01-27
  BLJM61274 Blu-Ray  Koihime Enbu 93dcc00 Ingame 2017-02-03
  BLES02144 Blu-Ray  Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends Unknown Ingame 2017-01-26
  NPEB02223 Digital  Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends 34d0cca Ingame 2017-01-25
  BLJM61118 Blu-Ray  Kaihou Shoujo SIN f4cb5257 Intro 2017-01-31
  BLJS10324 Blu-Ray  Kamen Rider Battride War Sousei Memorial TV Sound Edition 6c372d17 Intro 2017-02-10
  BLJM60278 Blu-Ray  Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono 2G 35b7cf4 Intro 2017-02-01
  BLJM60258 Blu-Ray  Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono 3 35b7cf4 Intro 2017-02-01
  BLES01983 Blu-Ray  Kick-Ass 2 Unknown Intro 2016-01-14
  NPUB30183 Digital  Kickbeat 1669d0fd Intro 2017-02-10
  BLJS10050 Blu-Ray  Kidou Senshi: Gundam Senki 9916f0e5 Intro 2017-02-04
  NPUB31188 Digital  Killer Is Dead b1aa87b5 Intro 2017-02-16
  BCES01743 Blu-Ray  Killzone 598c90f3 Intro 2017-02-14
  NPEA00368 Digital  Kite Fight 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-27
  BLUS30634 Blu-Ray  Kung Fu Panda 2 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-27
  NPUB31078 Digital  Karateka b407d12e Loadable 2017-02-12
  BLJM61060 Blu-Ray  Ketsui Kizuna Jigokutachi Extra 6c372d17 Loadable 2017-02-08
  NPEA00418 Digital  Killzone ce1738cf Loadable 2017-02-17
  BLES01897 Blu-Ray  Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Unknown Loadable 2013-11-25
  BLES00604 Blu-Ray  Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 598c90f Nothing 2017-02-13
  BLES00167 Blu-Ray  Kane & Lynch: Dead Men 47fdaf6 Nothing 2017-02-20
  BLES02070 Blu-Ray  Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix 8318eed Nothing 2017-01-24

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