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Game IDGame TitleBuild UsedStatusLast Updated
  BLES00574 Blu-Ray  G-Force dd233c9f Playable 2016-03-12
  NPUB30321 Digital  Galaga Legions DX ecda02c0 Ingame 2016-01-08
  NPJB60188 Digital  Gekijouban Macross F Digital Archives 68f98981 Ingame 2016-01-13
  NPUB31272 Digital  Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Unknown Ingame 2016-03-05
  NPEA00006 Digital  Go! Puzzle 46dde3f Ingame 2017-01-24
  NPUA80092 Digital  Go! Sports Skydiving 1669d0fd Ingame 2017-02-10
  NPUA80011 Digital  Go! Sudoku g3b7d0bc Ingame 2016-02-15
  BCUS98229 Blu-Ray  God of War: Collection d2c2716 Ingame 2017-01-11
  BLUS31584 Blu-Ray  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a809f334 Ingame 2017-02-04
  NPUA30014 Digital  Groovin' Blocks Unknown Ingame 2016-04-25
  NPUA30031 Digital  GundeadliGne 60bd2fb Ingame 2017-01-27
  NPUB30078 Digital  Gunstar Heroes Unknown Ingame 2016-01-08
  NPUB30006 Digital  Gauntlet 2 ecda02c0 Intro 2016-01-08
  BLJM61266 Blu-Ray  Gendai Daisenryaku 2016 598c90f3 Intro 2017-02-14
  NPEB00034 Digital  Geon ecda02c0 Intro 2016-01-08
  NPUB30365 Digital  Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime 1669d0fd Intro 2017-02-10
  NPUB30736 Digital  Girl Fight 1669d0fd Intro 2017-02-10
  NPEB01036 Digital  Girl Fight Trial Unknown Intro 2015-07-31
  BLJM60398 Blu-Ray  Gladiator VS 35b7cf4 Intro 2017-02-01
  NPUA80070 Digital  Go! Sports Ski 60bd2fb Intro 2017-01-27
  NPEA00039 Digital  Go! Sudoku Unknown Intro 2014-03-19
  BLES00391 Blu-Ray  Golden Axe: Beast Rider 6c372d1 Intro 2017-02-09
  NPUB30130 Digital  Greed Corp Unknown Intro 2017-01-30
  NPEB00720 Digital  Greg Hastings Paintball 2 63169d76 Intro 2017-02-16
  NPEB90520 Digital  Grid 2 Demo 77bf86ea Intro 2015-10-20
  BLES01128 Blu-Ray  GTA 4 Complete Edition 0b72a99 Intro 2016-02-27
  NPEB00060 Digital  GTI Club 16d15777 Intro 2017-01-31
  NPUB30840 Digital  Guardians of the Middle-Earth ecda02c0 Intro 2016-01-08
  NPUB30957 Digital  Guilty Gear XX A Core Plus 1669d0fd Intro 2017-02-10
  NPUA30029 Digital  Gundemonium Recollection Unknown Intro 2014-12-03
  NPUB30454 Digital  Gatling Gears b407d12e Loadable 2017-02-12
  BLJS93004 Blu-Ray  Gekijouban Macross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa Unknown Loadable 2014-07-05
  BLES01271 Blu-Ray  Generator Rex: Agent of Providence 9eba0ac5 Loadable 2017-02-02
  NPUB30882 Digital  Germinator b407d12e Loadable 2017-02-12
  NPEA90044 Digital  Ghostbusters The Video Game d86d6556 Loadable 2017-02-18
  NPEB02321 Digital  Goat Simulator 63169d76 Loadable 2017-02-16
  NPEA90115 Digital  God of War Ascension Demo 9e84804 Loadable 2016-12-21
  NPEA00308 Digital  God Of War Chains Of Olympus 63169d76 Loadable 2017-02-16
  BCES01277 Blu-Ray  God of War: Collection Volume II Unknown Loadable 2014-02-12
  NPUA80636 Digital  God of War: Ghost of Sparta HD 71b21fe Loadable 2016-07-08
  BCAS25018 Blu-Ray  Gran Turismo 6 Unknown Loadable 2015-02-21
  NPUA81049 Digital  Gran Turismo 6 bafdc01 Loadable 2017-02-18
  NPUB30002 Digital  GripShift 22c0f0d6 Loadable 2017-02-18
  NPUB30044 Digital  GTI Club Unknown Loadable 2014-05-24
  BLJS10286 Blu-Ray  Gundam Breaker 2 066e300 Loadable 2016-08-20
  BLJM60434 Blu-Ray  Gal Gun 9eba0ac5 Nothing 2017-02-02
  NPEB01098 Digital  Game Of Thrones 63169d76 Nothing 2017-02-16
  BLES02164 Blu-Ray  Godzilla 9eba0ac5 Nothing 2017-02-02
  BLES00229 Blu-Ray  Grand Theft Auto IV 81780d1 Nothing 2016-04-19
  BLES01807 Blu-Ray  Grand Theft Auto V 973bf5a Nothing 2016-11-07

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