List of features that RPCS3 will support in the future and their corresponding status. It’s not required for developers to write down here the tasks they are working on. It’s just recommended, and if you do so, remember to delete those entries once you finish them, or move them to another category if you couldn’t do it. The current categories are:

  • Short term goals: Tasks that developers are currently doing.
  • Medium term goals: Stuff that developers could do.
  • Long term goals: Tasks that are not a priority right now.

Thank you for supporting RPCS3!

Short term goals

  • Rewriting VP/FP recompiler and work in a Xbyak-based PPU recompiler: [DH] (?)
  • Improved memory manager and PPU interpreter: Hykem (Crypto Engine, EDATA loader and cellSpurs paused)
  • cellSync: Nekotekina

Medium term goals

  • sys_fs: Implement SDATA loader, that is, read the contents of the SDATA file on the fly.
  • Work in RSX and add unimplemented GCM commands.
  • Implement loading SPU code from encrypted file.
  • Improve RSX Debugger: Add frame stepping (pause the emulator and advance just one frame).
  • Fix the errors when trying opening files in folders with special characters like ‘™’.
  • Reverse cache files in /dev_hdd1/. Ask BlackDaemon to get them.
  • Improve PSF Loader in order to make PARAM.SFO files given the parameters.
  • Implement new module functions. Specifically (ordered from more to less important):
    • cellGameCreateGameData: Handle game data installations (required byBLUS30735.
    • cellJpgDec: Allow to downscale JPG images while decoding them.
  • Implement more lv2 SysCalls. Specifically (ordered from more to less important):
    • 150, 154, 151 used by games like NBA Unrivaled [NPUB30146].
    • 84, 88 used by games like NBA Unrivaled [NPUB30146].
    • 177 used by games like Puzzle Chronicles [NPUB30076].
    • 631 used by games like Prince of Persia Classic [NPUB30031]. (Is this function really relevant?)
    • 834 which is cellFsChmod. (Is this function really relevant?)
  • Find bugs, wrong autotests or read the current issues and fix them.
  • Implement core dumps.
  • Fix infinite loop: cellCameraReadEx -> … -> cellGemUpdateFinish in games likeNPEA00282. NOTE: This is probably the way game requests info from the camera and processes it.

Long term goals

  • Add a User Manager to manage folders like: dev_hdd0/home/00000001.
  • Improve the Restart function: Some games still change their behaviour after restarting.

Commit changes

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